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Ozum Newsreader 6.09

Ozum Newsreader is an all in one powerful, binary newsreader
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Oz Insight

Unmatched multimedia functionality: only Ozum lets you view incomplete or partial video files, preview individual parts of multipart video/sound clips (mpeg, mpg, mpe, avi, asf, rm, mp3, wav) without having to download all the parts. It automatically decodes binary files in all encoding formats, including yEnc, automatically assembles them (no NZB files needed), recovers missing/corrupt files using parity sets (PAR files) when needed and unpacks RAR archives.
Ozum is a Usenet reader, programmable robot (scanner, pictures/files grabber) and poster designed and built to work with multimedia content of the Usenet (especially alt.binary newsgroups), such is images, video and sound files.

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